Laura Phelps-Sweatt

The one and only Laura Phelps-Sweatt! Not only is she the Queen of Powerlifting, she is easily one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Laura is the Queen Bee of her gym, the Sweatt Shop in Cincinnati.  She loves food, fitness, and her dogs Brutus and Scarlett. 

She holds 8 records, broken 45 times on the platform!

  • 440 bench WR at 148
  • 775 Squat WR, 530 Bench WR, 1800 Total WR at 165
  • 770 Squat WR, 540 Bench WR, 1770 Total WR at 181
  • 540 Bench WR at 198

Laura is the only female to hold Bench Press World Records in 4 different weight classes.