#eatLARGE Season 2 - Episode 3 - Best Pizza in NY

By Nick Robson

On this episode we went around NYC to hit some of the best slices in and around the city. Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island are all covered with some of our favorite spots.

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#eatLARGE Coming Soon...

By Nick Robson


I've been talking about this for a little while now, but this is finally the week it will be released!

#eatLARGE is a series of short videos featuring both meathead friendly restaurants (since we all love to eat) as well as a person of some sort of significance.  A lot of the episodes will be focused on Northeast Ohio, but there has been, and will continue to be, some traveling involved for episodes as well.

The goal is to break from the mold of what types of videos everyone is used to seeing in the fitness industry, and most importantly, to have a lot of fun.

I have a pretty lengthy list of places around the country I would like to hit for episodes, but of course, if you have suggestions, feel free to comment below!


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Aaron Palko - Meet Recap 10/28/16

By Aaron Palko

Meet recap.

880/480/765 - 2125 @ 236

Squats: Warming up I felt a bit shaky and off. However, as warmups got heavier my body started to feel better. The night before I slept about 2 hours (just could not fall asleep) so going into the day I was worried that the lack of sleep would affect me. I took my last 2 warmups of 605, and 715, and they moved great.

My opener of 790 felt decent. It was not as fast as I wanted so instead of taking 865 on my second, like I planned, I took 855 instead. I lost balance slightly at the top but I was able to stick with it and complete the lift. My over all goal was to take 900 but with the way 855 looked we played it safe and took 880 as a third instead. I've never been so happy to complete a lift. When I heard everyone scream after I got 3 white lights, I was ecstatic. I'm still not satisfied but I'm happy.

Bench: Going onto bench was where I started to feel quite tired. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep accompanied by my squats, but I genuinely felt sleepy and exhausted. First time I have felt like that at a meet. I took my opener of 480 and as my buddy Dave let go my shoulders weren't centered and my left shoulder was slightly to much the left. This caused me to almost fall over. I was able to bring it back and complete the lift. I went to 500 as my second and I just couldn't lock it out. The same goes with my third attempt. Im disappointed in my bench quite a bit. I had the best bench cycle I've ever had and couldn't PR by even 5lbs. 

Deadlift: This lift did not go as well as I wanted either. Warming up I felt good. My last warmup was 675 and it went up very easy. When I went to pull my opener of 725 it flew off the floor but my lockout was just a little slower than normal. So I bumped my planned second down 10lbs from 775 to 765 so I could at least PR by 5lbs. Also that would give me a total above 2100. 765 moved well off the floor but lockout was slow. I went for 775 on my third but as I went to lock it out it slipped from my hand. In my training I hit an easy 775 so I was quite disappointed. I really wanted to end the day with an 800lb pull. Hopefully next time.

I only went 6/9 and managed to up my total by 40lbs. I upped my squat by 50 and my deadlift by 5. Hopefully by the Arnold I can improve much more on all these lifts and maybe finally go 9/9.

Overall the meet went well. Had a good time. Had awesome people in my corner the whole day. The meet went very smoothly. Dan Dague always puts on great meets. Next stop is The Arnold Classic in march. 


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Welcome Evan Mensing to the Live Large Team!

By Nicholas Robson

It's the perfect time to announce Evan Mensing as our newest athlete coming off his monster meet this past weekend:

Squat - 805

Bench - 520

Deadlift - 855

Total - 2180

This makes him the current #1 ranked American 275lb lifter and is good for 5th in the all time rankings!

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