"Forge of Strength: The Landers Strength Syndicate - Unleashing Power and Unity"

In the world of powerlifting, where iron clashes and determination take center stage, The Syndicate emerges as a formidable force. More than just a group of individuals lifting weights,  our powerlifting crew embodies a spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and relentless pursuit of strength. With a shared passion for pushing physical and mental boundaries, The Syndicate stands as a testament to the power of collective motivation in the pursuit of greatness.

Mission: At the heart of The Syndicate's mission is the belief that strength is not just measured in the amount of weight lifted but, in the bonds forged between its members.  Our crew is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters growth, both in terms of physical prowess and mental fortitude. Through shared goals and unwavering support,  we aim to elevate each member to new heights in their powerlifting journey.

Unity in Diversity: The Syndicate is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels. From seasoned veterans to novices, everyone is welcomed into the fold. We thrive on the unique strengths everyone brings, creating a dynamic and inclusive community where everyone has a place and a purpose. We have been formed through word of mouth and continue to grow. We offer the first month of training for free to see if it is what the person is looking for and if not, that is ok too. We are intense and expect the energy to always be high. It might be off putting to some individuals and too much for them but we want the demons to come out and play when we are training.

Training Philosophy: The training philosophy of The Syndicate is rooted in a balance of science, grit, and various training methodologies. Expertise and experience come together to form a training program that can cater to each member's unique strengths and weaknesses. We  place a strong emphasis on technique, injury prevention, and long-term progress. Every member is encouraged to push their limits while respecting their body's signals, ensuring a sustainable and fulfilling powerlifting journey.

Competitive Spirit: While The Syndicate values collaboration and mutual support, we also embrace a healthy competitive spirit. Members are encouraged to participate in powerlifting competitions, where they not only challenge themselves but also represent the crew on the platform. Victories are celebrated collectively, and setbacks are met with unwavering support and a commitment to learning and improvement. There are also challenges held within the crew training times together made up of various competitions to stoke that competitive fire.

Community Outreach: Beyond the gym walls, The Syndicate actively engages in community outreach programs. Whether organizing powerlifting seminars, charity events, or educational initiatives, we  seek to share the transformative power of strength training with the broader community. By giving back, we hope to inspire others to embark on their own journeys toward strength and resilience. Deployed service members are offered the monthly workouts free of charge for the length of their deployment. Having several veterans in the crew it is important to support those that allow us the freedom to do what we do.

Conclusion: The Syndicate is more than just a powerlifting crew; it is a community, a brotherhood/sisterhood bound by the pursuit of strength and shared values. Through their commitment to unity, inclusivity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, The Syndicate stands tall as a beacon in the world of powerlifting, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of each member who walks through our doors.

Meaning of Live Large: We are all large individuals so we live that daily. Live Large is a way of life for us. We are constantly pushing the weight and pushing the limits of our bodies. Unrelenting in our pursuit of strength and unbroken in the bonds formed. "Live large" is a phrase that often conveys a mindset or lifestyle characterized by embracing life to its fullest, taking risks, and pursuing one's passions with vigor and enthusiasm. To us, "Live Large" means breaking free from the constraints of routine and comfort zones, and instead, daring to explore new experiences, face challenges head-on, and make the most of every opportunity.

Syndicate Mantra

One by one, we will climb.

Keep the vision, the mission will thrive.

Fearless hearts, rage filled eyes.

Through hell WE WILL walk, and hell WE WILL conquer.

Blood-soaked bodies, hearts of our enemies.

The fury unleashed, the ascent we start.

A new dawn beckons, From the ashes of old, From the depths unknown, WE WILL RISE.


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