Live Large Athlete - Kaitlin McCanless

By Kaitlin McCanless

My name is Kaitlin McCanless and I am a Live Large Sponsored Athlete. 

In the beginning of my athlete video there is a shot of Beluga Point in Alaska, taken around 11am on my drive south to the Kenai Peninsula. Afterwards there is another beautiful shot of a different location, panning Eklutna Lake which is north of Anchorage about 45 minutes. Eklutna Lake is actually where my husband and I had gotten married in August of 2015, but it looks quite a bit different since then. 

A little fun fact I had left out – my husband and I had originally met on Facebook in July of 2014 and shortly after meeting face to face in September, I had decided to quit my job and leave Buffalo for Nashville, Tennessee to live with him. 6 months later we decided to hop across the nation and move to Anchorage, Alaska to start fresh and to accomplish a dream of his to live in the Last Frontier. 

Since then, we've decided to run powerlifting meets here as there isn't much option for us to compete in the state – he is the state chairman for USPA in Alaska and I'm the state director. It's been a slow process of getting it going but the future plan is to possibly open a gym here as well, where we can train and have it be a haven for competitors in our area. 

At the end of my video, there is a clip to finish of me firing an automatic AR that was taken at a CQB class back in October in Talkeetna, AK. I left out that my husband and I are very invested into firearms and close quarters/home defense training with them. We own multiple firearms and are very proud of the collection we have as well as growing said collection each year. Other than working and lifting, we spend as much time as we can on the range together. 

As I've stated, my next meet will be the XPC Finals in March 2017 at the Arnold and my goal is to total over 1100 at 148. I'm not a huge fan of putting out certain numbers that I would like to hit, but for the sake of the 1100 total, a perfect day in my mind for myself would be to hit 440+/200+/475+. We have plenty of time left to see what I have as I'm still in offseason and I'm looking forward to my coach and my training partners to help guide me to said perfect day.

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