The last time we saw Brianny Terry compete was in September of 2021 at The Bucked Up Showdown in Kansas City. This was an invitational raw powerlifting meet that  brought in the best of the best across the country to compete in one of the biggest competitions of the year. Weighing in at 181, she hit the platform and put together one of her best totals yet. Her best lifts of the day were a 474lb Squat, 292lb Bench, and a massive 600lb Deadlift. She finished the day with 1,366lbs and a 600 Dots score. After that meet she decided it was time to take a break from powerlifting and give body building a shot...

Brianny competed at the Dallas Pro/Am on Saturday, June 18th. Here's a brief follow up to her debut show.


What class did you compete in and how did you place? 

"I competed in Women's Physique and placed 1st in True Novice, Class A, and won was the Overall Winner."


What were your feelings going into the show?

"I was super calm and not nervous. I felt like I belonged up there. After doing all the things that were asked of me - all the cardio, the extreme dieting, and restrictions were followed. I didn't feel any stress of competing like I do with powerlifting."

What were your feelings immediately after the show?

"Extreme emotion. All of the hard work had paid off. I was immediately hungry to bring in an even better condition to a national stage and get back to work."


Do you have any more shows lined up?

"I will be competing at USA's in Vegas in July (29th/30th) possibly competing in both Women's Physique and the Female Body Building division."

The people want to know...Will we see you make a return to powerlifting?

"Undecided...but look out for me in 2023!"


Be sure to follow Brianny on Instagram to keep up with her Body Building journey, and the possible return to Powerlifting. After all she still needs to reclaim her deadlift record. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what she does next!


Photo Credit: Adam Rivera